Top Travel Updates For 17/7/23

If you have plans to fly from Birmingham airport – check the airport website regarding planned strikes for current updates.

The Acropolis has been closed to visitors due the extreme heat in that area (anyone that has had the pleasure of visiting this wonder of the world will appreciate that given the long walk/crowds/steps and exposed location that this is wise)

There is a Heat Wave travel warning to anyone planning on visiting Italy (we were all set to go to Italy this week and made the hard decision to put of our travel plans for now as my husband does not do well in temperatures over 30 – better safe than sorry)

Easyjet is starting a new flight route from Manchester to Lapland making it even easier to visit Santa this year. (If you have been to Lapland you will know that he is ‘real’)

That is all for today – join me for more travel updates tomorrow 🙂

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