Meet Alexi

I will be posting a video here to introduce myself (building up the courage to do that one) so watch this space. But,for now here is a breakdown as to who I am and what I do…

I have always loved to travel and explore new place (born with total wanderlust) I have been lucky enough to completed my initial ‘Bucket List’ just before Covid hit and now I am planning to start work through ‘Bucket List 2’. I have had a interesting career path and I have achieved some amazing things, life has been an interesting ride, that is for sure.

December 2021 my daughter suddenly became chronically ill and life became a circle of hospital and doctor appointment on a daily basis. The company I worked for at the time were incredibly supportive and gave me all the time of that I needed, unfortunately it became clear that my daughter was not going to get better. So, as I could not longer travel I thought I could help others get the most out of their holidays.

I trained with Hays Travel (the largest independent travel agency in the UK) and became a personal travel consultant with Hays Travel

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If you’re interested in TOUR HOLIDAYS, I can help you find a great option. Just let me know your preferred destination or any specific interests you have, and I can provide you with some recommendations.

For CRUISE HOLIDAYS, I can also assist in finding the best current deals. Please let me know your preferred departure location, duration, and any specific cruise lines you are interested in.

If you’re looking for FAMILY HOLIDAYS, I have deals available from various travel companies that cater to families. Feel free to let me know your preferred destination, budget, and any specific requirements you may have for family-friendly accommodations or activities.

Lastly, if you’re interested in ADULT HOLIDAYS, there are plenty of options available for group, couple, or solo travelers. Let me know your preferences, such as a specific type of adult holiday (e.g., adventure, relaxation, romantic), budget, and any specific destinations you have in mind.

Tour Holidays?

Looking for a tour holiday? a great way to discover the world. We’ve got a tour for you!

Cruise Holidays?

We offer the best current cruise deals from all the major cruise companies.

Family Holidays?

With deals from across the travel industry. No matter what you are looking, we have a deal you’ll love.

Adult Holidays?

Specifically designed for adults there are an amazing variety of options available to group, couples and solo travelers.

Smile and let me take care of your holiday
Smile and let me take care of your holiday