Best holiday deals and travel updates

20% off 2024 Holidays

You must book this offer by the 21st July to get the 20% OFF – Club Med have stated that any holidays booked by 21st July for next year will be the cheapest you will be able to get that dream holiday – leave booking till after the 21st and Club Med say that you will definitely pay more for the same holiday – so get booking and make those savings…

20% Off Summer 2024 Holidays - Book by the 21st July unless you want to pay more
20% Off Summer 2024 Holidays – Book by the 21st July

Single parent summer holiday deals just released today

I was a single parent for years and know how hard it is to find suitable holiday deals. That is why I am so pleased to have these deals that have been made specifically to cater to the needs of a single parent. Feel free to contact me for more details

Top Travel Updates For 17/7/23

If you have plans to fly from Birmingham airport – check the airport website regarding planned strikes for current updates.

The Acropolis has been closed to visitors due the extreme heat in that area (anyone that has had the pleasure of visiting this wonder of the world will appreciate that given the long walk/crowds/steps and exposed location that this is wise)

There is a Heat Wave travel warning to anyone planning on visiting Italy (we were all set to go to Italy this week and made the hard decision to put of our travel plans for now as my husband does not do well in temperatures over 30 – better safe than sorry)

Easyjet is starting a new flight route from Manchester to Lapland making it even easier to visit Santa this year. (If you have been to Lapland you will know that he is ‘real’)

That is all for today – join me for more travel updates tomorrow 🙂

World emoji day

🥰Love them or 😡 Hate them – they are here to stay? 🤔

📆It is 🌍world emoji day today😀 … They say a pictures says worth 1000 words🤩 …. The lighthearted 💗 objective of World Emoji Day is to promote and celebrate the widespread use of emojis, which have become an integral part of modern communication. 💌

I personally make a point not to use them 🤣🤥

Do you have a favorite emoji? 🤔

Website update

I am really pleased with how the website is coming on, as I have never built a website from scratch before this has been a very steep learning curve. I managed to get my new email set up and working [email protected].

I have been working on the contact forms and newsletter forms, but still have some more work to do on these

With the school summer holiday fast approaching I have decided to add another page to the website specifically for those that have been rushed off their feet (as life takes over and the days fly by.) to book a holiday for this Summer. Especially with the weather being so wet in the UK – we could all do with a break in the sunshine.

The deals on this page will be last minute best deals from across the industry specifically for July and August 2023 holidays.

If there is anything you would find helpful to have on this site then please let me know.